During the regular season we witnessed a triple crown winner (Miguel Cabrera) – the first in 45 years, a team with a $159 million payroll fall short of the postseason (the Angels) and surprising runs by the Baltimore Orioles and Oakland A’s to cap off another exciting year of baseball.

However, while this was fun to watch, us Bettors are looking to make money from this excitement more than anything else.

The postseason begins on Friday, October 5th and while it comes with much anticipation, we cannot lose sight of the fact that we are in this to show a profit.

Below is a list of the most recent odds on each teams chances of winning the Pennant and the World Series.

Odds To Win The National League Pennant

St. Louis Cardinals, +595
At nearly 6/1 odds to win the NL Pennant, the Linesmakers aren’t expecting a repeat magical run from the Red Birds again this season.

Atlanta Braves, +490
A possible one and done scenario makes the Braves less attractive to bet and make a deep run into the postseason.

Cincinnati Reds, +250
Unlike the Cardinals and Braves, the Reds are guaranteed to play more than one game in the playoffs. How many more is the question that remains…

San Francisco Giants, +230
The Giants are scrappy and in the postseason that style of play gets you wins. However, they will be hard-pressed to produce offense now that they will be facing elite pitchers the rest of the way.

Washington Nationals, +225
It’s not by much, but the Nationals are the front-runners in the National League this year. They need Strasburg on the bump to have a legitimate shot at making some noise for the next few weeks.

Odds To Win The American League Pennant

Baltimore Orioles, +650
The O’s are the long shot of this years playoffs. It might not be a bad investment, but then again, can they really beat the Texas Rangers in a do or die scenario? And they go on to beat the Yankees and/or Tigers!

Texas Rangers, +425
This could be the smartest bet on the board considering many feel the Rangers should win the World Series this year. However, after getting swept by the A’ and losing out on another division title – this can’t sit to well with the Bettors.

Oakland A’s, +275
The A’s have certainly had an amazing and unforgettable season, but that was for 162 games. Now that the playoffs are here, is Money Ball the team to beat?

Detroit Tigers, +250
A superb pitching staff, a powerful lineup and a triple crown winner has all the makings of a team that looks to be heading to the World Series. But as we know anything can happen.

New York Yankees, +200
The Yankees are the team to beat, but isn’t that always the case with the Bronx Bombers. They are stocked with talent – now we need to see if that equals out to another Championship.

Odds To Win The 2012 World Series

The Yankees (+350), Giants and Nationals (both +425) are the leading candidates to win the World Series according to the Linesmakers. However, the Reds (+450) and Tigers (+500) also find themselves in the upper echelon to win the Fall Classic this season. The four Wild Card teams – Rangers (+775), Braves (+950), Cardinals (+1100), and Orioles (+1650) rank as long shots. As for the miracle Oakland A’s (+825), even though they captured the AL West, they fall somewhere in between all the Wild Card teams.

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